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Seasons Fresh Grill

exceptional experiences to satisfy everyone

The chef of Seasons Fresh Grill is Scott Miller, he has a passion about food and has cooked at restaurants in Tucson, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and Steamboat Springs. Chef Miller doesn't believe in taking shortcuts when cooking. That is when the best dishes come together. They want to make a great culinary experience.

They offer a great happy hour from 3 pm to 6 pm which extends to 7 pm on Wednesday and all day on Sunday. During happy hour grab a crispy chicken taco, a soft pork taco, french fries, bacon tater tots, hummus, cheese toast and so much more. They also have options of gluten-free as well when they have the gf next to them. Their wines include white wine, bubble, and an extensive list of red wines. For those that want a martini and cocktail, there are lots of options as well.

 Their menu begins with the great starters of pork polenta tarts, chicken quesadilla, soy-sesame edamame, or crabby cakes. There are also a ton of salad options like the roasted beet salad, sea cobb, almond chopped chicken and more. If you are feeling like some more substantial food try out their burger options like the Kobe pub burger, grilled chicken club, and a falafel burger. Their entrees are not to be overlooked like their rancher's pie, Mahi fish tacos, salmon, buttermilk chicken, the mushroom risotto, and more. Before you leave don't forget to try out the desserts like the chocolate rapture, branded bread pudding, a cake of cheese and a lemon cheesecake.
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